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DJ Stew


Terrence Stewart’s quest as a DJ began in 1983.  He was inspired by hearing the music his cousin chose to listen to while getting ready to go out and party. Even though at age 11 Stewart was not old enough to party with his cousin, he dreamed of spinning the hottest songs that people would one day dance to and enjoy. The aspiring DJ and his good friend started pulling together their money in order to purchase pieces of DJ equipment and his godmother put a pair of turntables on layaway as an elementary school graduation present.


At first, Stewart would practice his DJ skills privately in his home, but living in the Robert Taylor Homes on Chicago’s Southside he saw many DJs put their talents on display in the housing projects’ courtyard. He would watch with admiration in his eyes until one day he worked up enough courage to get on the turntables and turned the crowd on its ear. This moment served as a turning point for the young DJ.


 As a student at Chicago’s DuSable High School, DJ Stew, as he came to be called, was in high demand. He DJed all the school parties and events and his talents were also requested for birthday parties. At the budding age of 15, he was asked to DJ at a club and remembers that he “sent the club to the moon”. DJiing became less of a hobby for the talented DJ Stew and more of a career as his skills and name preceded him on the Chicago DJ scene.  Upon graduating from high school, many doors opened for Stew and he began traveling and sharing his talents with the world. He immersed himself in his craft realizing the more he invested himself in understanding it, the more lucrative DJing would become. Stew entered and won many DJ battle, he continued to rock parties and clubs and put out mixtapes, CDs and records. Despite developing the reputation as one of Chicago’s most revered DJs, in 2000 DJ Stew took a hiatus from the career he loved because he was disappointed in the direction he felt it was going, becoming less about the art and skill and more about the money. 


Now Dj Stew had to make another important decision and step away from the blok

 club dj's because he didn't like the direction it was going. So him and a few other people 

saw a bigger vision and started their own dj crew named Blok Bizness Dj's now he see a 

bigger vision and have more creative control over what direction he want to move in so as 

one of the founders of Blok Bizness Djs he feels at home.So the mission never stop just 

change for the better. Dj Stew still has a lot of work ahead of him and a bigger task to take 

on but he is ready for the job so be on the lookout for Dj Stew and the Blok Bizness dj's.


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