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Vincent  (Dj Vince) is one of chicago's best kept secrets. I definitely keep the parties moving. nothing like a dance for full of women doing their thing. I have always been a fan of music and knew that was my calling from an early age. On both sides of my family my grand fathers  were djs and always handled music at family functions. I naturally started with my 45's in grammer school.            

    My musical influences include the Hot Mix 5, Julian Perez and other djs featured on BMX and KKC etc. I guess you can say i am fan of old school and the classics. Don't get it wrong those are just some of my preferences I do play it all because first and foremost i am a fan of music & mixing. There is nothing better than rocking a tough crowd and getting well deserved respect from peers.


  For booking; 773-615-3175



    Facebook; Vincent Townsend



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