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D.J. Vega  A.K.A. (D.J. Kurtis Vuitton)






The journey for KIRK CHAMBERS (D.J. Vega) began in 1984. He was inspired though at an even earlier age by his uncle who was also a D.J. and would take to events with him even though he was only 9 and 10 years old at the time. Music was always a big part of his life. As Kirk grew older the lifestyle of  a Disk Jockey intrigued him. Listening to Chicago D.J.’s such as Farley JMF, Scott Sills, Steve Hurley and the rest of the legendary Hot Mix 5 crew among others music no longer was just something to listen to but became a way to express himself.

If he had not grown up in the Robert Taylor projects( 49th all day ), D.J. Vega may have never truly realized his what it is he really wanted to do, bring music to masses.  He and a friend that stayed on the same floor as he found they both had a similar interest in music and djing,  thus a D.J. crew was born.    (Kick *ss Productions )

Entering High School his talents grew and so did requests for his services. Playing events at places like the Racquet ball club,  The Humming Bird night club, MR. G’s,  Sawyers and clubs across the city of Chicago, De Kalb, and parts of Indiana was a common thing. The opportunity to do several corporate events also crossed his path at an early age.

Music production is also something D.J. Vega has a love of. Having  done an album for DANCE MANIA ( A Chicago House Music label) was a very good time for him. His love of House Music led to many mix tapes and cd’s both solo projects as well as with several of his turntable brothas.

Event promotion was D.J. Vega’s next step in the music business, working with some of the premier venues across the city and a host of top D.J.’s .

D.J. Vega with his never-ending love of music and the enjoyment he receives from making  crowds of people move and taking them to new emotional levels,  is sure to thrill music lovers for years to come.  So what’s next for r Mr. Vega, well let’s just say be on the lookout because the future is looking bright so be ready for him.

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