D.J. Ty(born Tyrone Lumpkins) fell in love with the idea of  becoming a mixologist  at the tender age of seven years old. Growing up in the Henry Horner Projects on the West Side of Chicago in the early 70’s music was the escape from everyday life. Greg a well-known DJ who also lived in the “Hornets” (nickname for the Projects) would DJ every Saturday night in the playground in the back of Tyrone’s building. Tyrone would sit in the window and would be mesmerized and astonished at how Greg moved the crowd with the music he played. It was then that Tyrone decided that he wanted to be a DJ.


   At the age of twelve Tyrone had become the neighborhood DJ where he was nicked named “DJ Terrible TY”. By the time DJ Ty was fourteen years old he was the DJ for School events, Hotweels Roller Rink, and various Night Clubs on the West Side of Chicago. As years passed on, and DJ Ty became one of the hottest DJ’s on the West side he along with other DJ’s such as Big Paul, Traxman, X Ray, Slick Rick and a multitude of other DJ’s decided to form a group called Geto DJ’s Inc. While being a part of the group DJ Ty began producing Ghetto House Tracks and released several mix CD’s and Albums under Dance Mania Records.


   DJ TY has worked with various DJ’s throughout the Chicago land and Detroit area. DJ Slugo who introduced him to the underground “RAVE” Parties under Tekno Mafia and DJ Godfather of Detroit, which later he produced several more Ghetto House Tracks and they were later released under Juke Trax Records.


   DJ TY then joined a crew of DJ’s called Violator Juke Squad DJ’s where he went on to banging out parties at night clubs on a weekly basis. As time went on, the crew dissolved, but he kept in close contact with all the DJ’s and they later formed a brand new crew


  Currently DJ TY continues to produce music sold on ITunes. He in addition still produces mix CD’s and DJ’s at Night Clubs throughout Chicago and northwest Indiana.

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