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                 It all started back in the day when my parents introduced me to the art of music.My father was a Chicago Doo -Wop r&b singer with an unsigned group that did shows across Chicago.

That's how I learned about the different styles of music (p-funk,soul,r&b,rock and roll,disco blues,jazz etc.).Once i got into H.S I learned about the art of djing. Then I saw Dj Deon,Dj Corey,

Dj Boo and a few other s spin on the 1's and 2's at house parties in the projects of Chicago (Dearborn Homes) I became more eager to learn but the cost of equipment was to rich for my blood.

So I would play dj on my grandfathers turntable while he was at work(bogus right but fun) now I no why he was mad at me.Also when I was younger we would have skating parties outside in 

the projects where I would watch them roll out the big speakers,turntables & wax .So since I couldn't  buy my own equipment I started following certain dj's to their parties when I could Dj Deon,

Dj Slugo,Dj Milton,Hot Mix 5,Lil Louis,Ron Hardy etc. While doing that I started to love our music in Chicago we call House Music,but this also changed to Ghetto House (which is now called 

Juke) Thanks to Dj Deon,Dj Slugo,Dj Milton,Dj Stew,Dj Funk,Dj Gantman,Waxmaster,Traxman,Dj Rush just to name a few(Salute) we also had dj's like Ron Hardy,Farley Jackmaster Funk,Pink 

House R.I.P but for me as an unknown rookie with no skills I knew that there were plenty of competition.

                Even though I had all of the odds against me I let nothing stop me. It took six years before I could purchase my own set of technique turntables and when that happen a dj was unleashed.

Then i started djing parties on the low end of Chicago (29th state). After learning about house music a few years prior and now there is ghetto house in the Chi. People like Deon ,Slugo, Milton,

Rush, Stew, Funk, Ron Hardy, Farley etc. The music and tracks they made in the house (hint Ghetto house) I had an arsenal of wax. Loving the mudic and eager to learn as I go I taught myself 

how to dj. I was fortunate enough to see Dj Kid Capri live downtown Chicago and that also helped me grow because he didn't spin house music (hip hop only) and watching him do tricks with the 

records creating his own melody I learned pitch control, doubles etc. I quickly  ran home to practice and create my own sound.

               Years down the line I was pretty good as a dj so things were ok until the ultimate happened (the stolen equipment syndrome). When my equipment was stolen I thought it was done as a 

dj so I contemplated on what was next and worked hard to get new equipment after catching up with another dj (Dj Stew) and practicing on his equipment the thrill was back again an I eventually 

got more equipment. We did more and more parties. Also joining forces Dj Lil Jon and the Urban Force Dj's. Now I am making mix tapes and creating my own tracks and music with various 

local artist. In the mid-late  2000 I then grew to become a Violator Jukesquad Dj and finally getting to work with the people who music I have loved for a lifetime. This is what lead me to become 

a Blok Club Dj which was a great decision.Now as I go into my next chapter in life I am going to take my name,brand and make it official (BLOK BIZNESS DJ ROCK THE FRANCHISE) and you 

ask why do I call myself Dj Rock The Franchise its simple because of the struggle it took to get this far and with this team I am going to use my point guard skills to become a franchise player with 

hard work dedication this will be a true.



                  BLOK BIZNESS DJ ROCK THE FRANCHISECONTACT ME @ 630-917-2673




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