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Roy Hardy aka DJ Frost has always had a love for music being an established musician for 30 years and having the distinct ability to play just about any instrument he can get his hands on. Influenced by hearing Grandmaster Flash, Farley, Hurley, and other Chicago legends, It was through the connection with Dj White Cloud a fellow musician & Dj that Frost finally decided to be a Dj. He was given carte blanche access to DJ White Clouds home to rehearse music & hone his Dj skills. Frost started out like most Djs doing house parties and neighborhood clubs, and then moving on to bigger venues which included the famed Pleasure Doom. After moving away from the Chicago area Frost continued to DJ in various arenas such as radio jock for Wiley College, lending his extraordinary talents to the Greeks on campus. Leaving to support his country in the Air Force and settling in at Scott Air force Base he quickly became the resident DJ at the Base club. Performing his services for the Southern Illinois University community, St. Louis area Masons, and Eastern Stars, and various organizations in the St. Louis Area.  After working for quite sometime Frost took a short break from the Art of Djing. He moved back to Chicago & re-establishing his mobile business, he also did some work clubs, and venues all the while getting back into the mode of being the best at his chosen craft. Frost moved to Indiana in 2006, and quickly established himself as one of the areas best Djs. In 2010 Frost joined Blok Club Dj's, became one of the weekly mixologist on, and has done guest spots on various college radio stations. 2011 was the Dj for one of Indiana’s biggest events, the Muncie Homecoming Celebration. Held once every 4 years, it brings in thousands of people to the area. Summer 0f 2011 also took Frost to the Boston area where he quickly took residency at Biffs lounge, and Clery’s nightclub. Making stops in Denver, and again back to Chicago, Dj Frost Joined Blok Bizness Djs. Right from the start, The Mix tape “The Takeover vol 2 with his son, “Dj Ed (Also with Blok Bizness Djs) and Dj Mackcity was a major hit over the summer. Dj frost also served as Ramonski Luvs personal Dj while hosting the Old School Friday Nite Party @ The Elegant Room Bar & Grill. Dj Frost continues to do the King George Morning Show mix on, and does guest spots on the 11 O’Clock Mix during the week. Dj Frost continues to make a lot of noise, and continues to provide music for various events. This is not limited to Chicago, but Boston, Las Vegas, Denver, Detroit, St. Louis, Indiana, and anywhere there’s a need for his unique skills. Dj Frost continues to prove that He's one of the Best, and most versatile Dj’s out there.


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