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Dwayne white also known as Wayne / DJ dice was born at Michael Reese Hospital July 19 1984. Dwayne was raised at Stateway Gardens Housing Projects with his 5 siblings, 2 brothers, 3 sisters, his  mother and father. He attended Robert S. Abbott k-8 grade, graduated and went on to attend Wendell Phillips High School. Dwayne says he’s been into music because his mother and father use to listen to music all the time. “ I use to sit in my room and sing rhythms to myself, wishing I could just beat on the wall and make some beats. Then at the age of twelve or thirteen I was dubbing music off of house music tapes and putting my voice over the tracts, that’s when I got the name DJ Dice. LOL”. Dwayne said at the age of fourteen he then start DJing for different people using two radios. “ I use to turn the volume down on one as I was turning the other one up on the other system. LOL. Back when I was a kid I use to see DJ Deeon, DJ Milton, plus others rock the picnics that they use to throw at Stateway Gardens. That kinda motivated me to want to DJ back then. “


In 2012 Dwayne said was sitting back and thought he should start back djing, so he went to buy him some DJ equipment, played with it for some time and he got booked for his first party. “Tell you the truth I forgot who I first dj’d for, but I guess I was ok cause because It motivated me to keep djing as of now.” So he went on and was getting booked every since he got back started. Dwayne has dj’d for block parties, kid parties, club parties, church events, weddings, and banquets. He also had a Stepper set at Club What”s Up Bar & Grill.


Dwayne has dj’d with lots of underground DJ’s around Chicago and just been on his own thing but say’s its time to network and take off for bigger and better things for himself and his family, but says his choice of music is R&B and Steppers music but he can do any party you put him up against…



Booking & Contact INFO.



Facebook:   /magnoliaboy.lowend

Instagram:   wayne_djdice35th

Twitter:        djdice35th

Snapchat:     djdice35th

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